Church of Our Lady the Queen of Poland in Ostrów-Wielkopolski

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A county town in the south-east of Wielkopolska, situated ca. 23 km south-west of Kalisz.
Erected in 1788, then as an Evangelical temple, owing to the endeavours of Duke Józef Radziwiłł, the church has been serving the local Catholic community since 1945. A brick tower was appended at the west in 1912. The church was restored ca. 1940, with concrete linings in the walls’ structure filler dating to that time. The tower was reduced in height in 1971, its cupola replaced with another one.

The edifice is of a frame construction, filled in with bricks and clad in the outside with concrete slabs. The church is orientated. Its single-nave structure features a rectangular nave and a non-separated presbytery, with a straight enclosure. At the west is a neo-Romanesque tower with a porch at the basement. The roof is tile-covered. The tower is topped with a bulbous cupola with a lantern and a spherical overlap with a cross on the top. Along the side walls set is a row of two-storey pole-supported emporas. The interior is covered with a pseudo-caisson ceiling with a facet. A false barrel vault is constructed above the top empora storey.

ul. Królowej Jadwigi 7
63-400 Ostrów Wielkopolski
Tel. +48 62 735 57 27

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