The Holy Cross Church in Oborniki

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Oborniki is a county town situated ca. 30 km north of Poznań. The church is situated in the town’s western part, in Czarnkowska Street.

Built 1766 out of foundation of the local burgheress Łucja Łoyczykowska, the church was renovated in 1914.

The church’s construction is log and brick-filled, featuring plastered areas. It is an orientated, mononave edifice with a narrower triangularly enclosed presbytery, whereto a sacristry is adjacent at the north. A sheet-metal-covered bulbous scopula with a lantern crowns the tower. Inside it are ceilings with facets whose heights are equal in the nave and presbytery alike. A polychrome dating to1920s is featured on the ceiling, its presbytery section displaying the Eye of Providence in flaming glory.

The main altar comprises a sculpture of Christ Crucified, dated ca. mid-16th c., next to which is a kneeling figure of Mary Magdalene (2nd half of 18th c.). The side altars are equipped with late-baroque paintings. The rood beam features a foundation inscription reading: “This Church of the Holy Cross was built in the year of the Lord 1766 at the expense of Ł. Łoyczykowska”. The church’s baroque outfit dates back to the time the church was built.

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