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The Górkas’ Castle Museum in Szamotuły

Herb The Górkas’ Castle Museum in Szamotuły


A district town, situated ca. 42 km north-west of Poznań.

The Museum of the Górkas’ Castle in Szamotuły presents the interiors of this magnate residence; moreover, its two rooms display one of the Poland’s largest collections of icons – most of which (more than 800) were detained in attempted smuggling.

The annexe building houses an ethnographic exhibition encompassing former workshops: blacksmith’s, carpenter’s and weaver’s; a residential room with an household equipment and implements compartment; and, local folk costumes. The donjon has on display the Halszka of Ostróg’s chamber, archaeological objects, and an exhibition on the history of the town and its immediate vicinity. The nineteenth-century granary is the exhibition place for archaeological treasures discovered during the construction of the Yamal-Europe Gas Pipeline which is set through the area of Wielkopolska.

Muzeum - Zamek Górków The Górkas’ Castle Museum.
ul. Wroniecka 30
64 - 500 Szamotuły
Tel. +48 61 292 18 13



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