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The West-Wielkopolska Folk Buildings Heritage Park

Herb The West-Wielkopolska Folk Buildings Heritage Park


Wolsztyn is a county town, located ca. 80 km south-west of Poznań.

The West-Wielkopolska Folk Buildings Heritage Park is a regional institution, formally being a branch of the Regional Museum of Wolsztyn. It is located ca. 800 m away of the town’s centre, on the western bank of Wolsztyńskie Lake.

The site’s 3.3ha area contains dozen-or-so structures, mainly wooden ones. The Heritage Park comprises examples of eighteenth- and nineteenth-century folk culture. The area penetrated by it is a Lubusz/Wielkopolska borderland.

The Park’s spatial composition is meant to reconstruct an average clustered-village layout which is rather common to the west of Wielkopolska. The concept has been chosen primarily because of a distinct ethnographic character of the region displayed, with an essential influence of so-called Olęder (Dutch-originated) settlement on the regional folk culture.

Apart from permanent exhibitions, ‘living heritage park’ events are held, with an aim to present crafts and skills falling these days into oblivion: weaving, braiding, etc.

Boh. Bielnika 26
64-200 Wolsztyn
Tel. +48 68 384 26 19

For more, read at the Museum’s official website.



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