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The Regional Museum of Wolsztyn


Wolsztyn is a county town, situated ca. 80 km south-west of Poznań.

The Regional Museum of Wolsztyn consists of three outlets, i.e.: the Marcin Rożek Museum, the Robert Koch Museum and the West-Wielkopolska Folk Buildings Heritage Park.

The Marcin Rożek Museum is situated in a house built for the sculptor according to his own concept. Two temporary exhibition rooms are housed on the ground floor. The permanent exhibition, dealing in its entirety to the sculptor, is to be visited on the upper floor.

In its present condition, the Robert Koch Museum has been in existence since 1996. It has been established in a building that formerly housed an infirmary for the poor. The museum rooms are located on the ground floor, exhibiting keepsakes associated with the scientist.

The West-Wielkopolska Folk Buildings Heritage Park is located ca. 800m away of the town’s centre, on the western bank of Wolsztyńskie Lake. The Museum’s task is to present early folk culture of the west of Wielkopolska.

Muzeum Marcina Rożka [The Marcin Rożek Museum]
ul. 5 Stycznia 34
64-200 Wolsztyn
Tel. +48 68 384 26 48

Muzeum Roberta Kocha [The Robert Koch Museum]
ul. R. Kocha 12
64-200 Wolsztyn
Tel. +48 68 384 27 36

Skansen Budownictwa Ludowego Zachodniej Wielkopolski [The West-Wielkopolska Folk Buildings Heritage Park]
ul. Boh. Bielnika 26
64-200 Wolsztyn
Tel. +48 68 384 26 19

For more, read at Museum’s official website.



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