The Legend of Bernard of Wąbrzeźno

The Legend of Bernard of Wąbrzeźno

The county seat is situated about 50 km southwest of Poznań, on the way to Zielona Góra.

Błażej of Wąbrzeźno arrived at the Benedictine monastery in Lubiń in 1599 and took the name of the order, Bernard. At the time, Wielkopolska was being ravaged by numerous plagues. One day, the monk came to Grodzisk, which was afflicted with “dead air”. His eyes beheld a horrific sight. The entire city appeared deserted. The streets were strewn with corpses and the city wells – even the largest from which the local brewer drew water to make beer – had all dried up. The city folk were staring starvation in the face. The monk, feeling pity for the people of Grodzisk, fell to his knees and began to fervently beseech God to have mercy on the city. The well began to fill with water when he made the sign of the cross over it. It had an extraordinary property in that whoever drank it was made healthy and the beer brewed from it became famous. When Fr. Bernard died, the inhabitants of Grodzisk made pilgrimages to Lubiń to visit his grave. They never failed to bring him a keg of Grodzisk’s finest beer as a gift.
This tradition is still with us but was especially strong during the time Grodzisk beer was brewed. The residents of the city would like to see the tradition revived some day. A monument was erected in the Grodz


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