Marcinkowski, Karol (1800–1846)

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Medical doctor, national and social activist, advocate of the ‘organic labour’ concept. He was born 1800 in Poznań. During his medicine studies in Berlin, he was gaoled for his patriotic students at the Wisłoujście stronghold. In 1823–1830, he pursued his private practice in Poznań as a surgeon, gynaecologist and obstetrician, in parallel to his employment with a municipal hospital.

He took part in the November Insurrection of 1830/1831. In 1838, he initiated the building of the ‘Bazar’ mall/hotel, an important Polish culture centre. In 1841, he headed the Scientific Help Society for the Youth of the Grand Duchy of Poznań.

Also, he founded in Poznań a Society for Support of the Indigent and the Poor; in 1841 to 1845, he was a member of the Municipal Council. With time, he rose to become a spiritual leader of Wielkopolska organic work (basic education) activists and gained an opinion of one of the region’s best physicians. His disinterested and dedicated activity has won him influence and recognition not only among Wielkopolska people but also, the Prussian authorities. He died in 1846 at Dąbrówka-Ludomska near Oborniki, and was buried in Poznań. His ashes were deposited at St. Adalbert’s church in 1923.

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