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Spycimierz has cultivated a peculiar floral tradition during its Corpus Christi procession. The entire route of the procession is lined with a carpet of flowers arranged in special patterns.


When Poland was ruled by Boleslaw I the Brave, the king was once visited by Bishop Wojciech. He was a righteous and pious man who decided to dedicate his life to the conversion of the pagans.

Since it's beginnings Kalisz was developping energetically. When the Christian times have come, new faith has found zealous followers who were gathering eagerly on a mutual prayer and were building new temples.

There used to live a watchman in the Poznań town hall tower whose job it was to keep a lookout for fire and any foreign armies that might be approaching the city. His son Bolko lived with him.

As stated in the old books of Poznań, it all happened in 1399. Several Jews from Poznań bribed a woman to steal the Hosts from the Dominican Church for them.

When the King Władysław Jagiełło granted the foundation charter for the Corpus Christi Church in Poznań, he became a frequent visitor to the place.

Once upon a time, three brothers-princes Lech, Czech and Rus went on a hunt to the forest over the Warta River.

Once upon a time, a miserable widow lived not far from Gryżyna. Her little boy Tony was the greatest joy in her life, and she spared no efforts and did all her best to have him indulged.

Błażej of Wąbrzeźno arrived at the Benedictine monastery in Lubiń in 1599 and took the name of the order, Bernard. At the time, Wielkopolska was being ravaged by numerous plagues.

The Starosta of Kalisz Castle had a beautiful daughter named Dorotka. He loved her very much and wished her every happiness. He wanted her to marry someone not only powerful and wise but who would win her heart as well.

St. Martin was a Roman soldier. One day, while entering Amiens with the army, he noticed a beggar dressed in rags by the city gate. It was winter, the ice in the courtyard was thick, and this person was clothed in shoddy rags.

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