Did you know that...

Fr. Jakub Wujek, who produced the first Polish translation of the bible, came from Wągrowiec in Wielkopolska. He was also the first rector of the Poznań Jesuit College.

Significant citizens

A Prague bishop. Missionary and martyr. A saint in the Roman Catholic Church and the first saint in Poland.

Born in 967, Bolesław was the first King of Poland, son of Mieszko I and Dobrawa. After his father's death in 992, he came to power by expelling his stepbrothers and eventually unifying the country.

A duchess and the very first Polish writer. The daughter of Mieszko II and Rycheza, born around 1025. She was educated in one of the abbeys of Cologne province in Germany.

Deputy Chancellor, a chronicler who gathered historical materials and wrote his Chronicle which encompassed the period of 1370 to 1384 – one of the most interesting monuments of Polish historiography.

The first bishop on the lands of the Piasts dynasty. Propably from the Order of Saint Benedict.

Son of Siemomysł, Mieszko I was the first historically recognised Duke of Poland, and the founder of Poland as a state.

Duke of Wielkopolska and King of Poland. Born 1257in Poznań, after his father Przemysł (Premislas) I died. He took power of the whole of Wielkopolska, displaying a proactive policy-making style. He eventually grew to become the most powerful of the Piast-line dukes and was enthroned in 1295 in Gniezno as King of Poland.