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Fr. Jakub Wujek, who produced the first Polish translation of the bible, came from Wągrowiec in Wielkopolska. He was also the first rector of the Poznań Jesuit College.

Significant citizens

Also named Gaspar da India, he was born in Poznań. It was probably due to persecutions of Jews that he once left Poznań, together with his parents. Gaspar da Gama can be deemed to have co-discovered Brazil.

This leading poet of the Polish Renaissance era wrote exclusively in Latin. He studied liberated arts in Padua since 1538 and in 1540 was granted a doctorate in philosophy and liberated arts as well as the title of poeta laureatus (laurelled poet).

Jewish scientist, theologian and philosopher born in Poznań known also as Maharal. Since 1584 he served as a rabbi in his home town. After several years, he was appointed the chief rabbi of the Greater Poland.

Bishop of Poznań, patron, diplomat. In 1518/1519, he established at the Poznań’s Ostrów Tumski (‘Cathedral Isle’) a secondary school, later on named the Lubrański Academy, which pursued tertiary-education ambitions.

Roman-Catholic priest, theologian, and polemicist. He was commissioned to draw up a postil [Polish title, Postylla] (a collection of sermons explaining the biblical text), which initiated his work on a complete Polish translation of the Bible.